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Why Us

Grand Furniture®, Ofino®, and Apik® are office furniture produced and manufactured by PT Formcase Industries. Our products offer wide range of selection in design, function, color and sizes to accommodate the best interest of our customers in their working environment.
We have been in the market for decades and our products have been trusted by wide range of our customers coming from various kinds of industries and businesses, including oil and energy, education, healthcare, food and beverages, automotive, manufacturing, media, government agencies,and also many others.
Our products have been used for decades and have been through the test of time, thus our trademark Sampai Anda Pensiun” which translated “Until You are Retired” was derived

Our Story

We trace our beginning dating back to 1963 when our founder established Asahan Perabot in Medan, North Sumatera as a traditional woodworking workshop producing custom-made home furniture using simple carpentry tools. The company was relocated to Jakarta in 1975 and was registered as CV Asahan.

In 1983, we began manufacturing knocked-down office furniture which was branded Grand Furniture®, the first office furniture brand we produced. The development led us to incorporate better machines and method to produce better quality products to achieve higher production rate.

We reached nation-wide market and the company’s name was changed to PT Grand Graha Utama in 1984. Two years later, in 1986 we moved our production line and office to our newly developed factory in Tangerang, Banten and began to incorporate industrial management, modernized machines and equipment and the company’s name changed again to PT Grand Furnitama Internasional.

In early 1990s we began exporting our products and by late 1990s we have reached global market. Subsequently in 2000, the company’s name becomes PT Formcase Industries.

Mobel Companies Group are appointed to be the sole distributor of Grand Furniture®, Ofino® and Apik® nation-wide.


In 1996 we acquired quality management system ISO 9001 certification.

In 2005 we acquired CTPAT as a trusted custom-trade partner from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Department of Homeland Security of the United States.

In 2006 we acquired GSA contract and certification from the General Service Administration of the United States as the official supplier of office furniture for the US Government globally.

Achievement and Awards

In 1996 we were the first office furniture manufacturer in ASIA to acquire ISO 9001 certification.

In 2005, we received Primaniyarta Award from Ministry of Trade awarded by the president of Republic of Indonesia as high-achieving exporter in Global Brand developer category. We are the first office furniture manufacturer recipient.

In 2006, we are awarded as Top Enterprise and The Best in Branding from Accenture Consultant International and business magazine SWA.

In 2009, we received Grand Award and Gold Award from IGDS (Indonesia Good Design Selection) and Ministry of Industry as the winner of best industrial product awarded by the presidtent of the Republic of Indonesia.

In 2011, we were selected as Top 250 Indonesia Local Companies by business magazine SWA.

Bifma International
Europian Standard
SWA Top 250 Indonesian Company
Grand Design Award
Primaniyarta Export Award

Our Brands

Grand Furniture®

The first brand we established and it becomes our flagship brand. Uncompromised materials and sturdy constructive design, Grand Furniture range of products is built to last.


Established in mid 2000s, Ofino range of products is designed to be compact and efficient.


The latest addition in our brand lineup using more economical materials, Apik completes our range of products.

Our Clients

We are proud to have furnished a long list of clients with GF products. Among them are:

PT. Ford Motor Indonesia
PT. Indopersda Primamedia (Gramedia Group)
PT. Cupu Intan
PT. Mayora
PT. Tjiwi Kimia
PT. Merck Tbk
PT. Waagner Biro Indonesia

PT Alun (Renault Trucks)
PT. Televisi Anak Space Toon
Pemprov Bangka & Papua
PT. Ajinomoto
Sharp Elektronik Indonesia
RSPP Pertamina
PT. Bumi Serpong Damai ( BSD )

Universitas Indonesia
PT. Truba Jaya Engineering
Departemen P&K
PT. Fast Food Indonesia ( KFC )
PT. Kao Indonesia
PT. Mahakam Beta Farma, BPPT

Prasetiya Mulya Business School
PT. Cirebon Electric Power
Departemen Kelautan & Perikanan RI
PT. Eagle Indo Pharma (Cap Lang)
Jakarta Medical Centre
PT. American Standart Indonesia